Welcome to the official website of author Lila Rhodes.
Welcome to the official website of author Lila Rhodes.

Velvet, Fur, and Cold Steel


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              For would-be swashbucklers and fans of Game of Thrones, here comes  Albin and the Jouster, a well-researched series of historical novellas. Barely over 20,000 words per book, they appear in a spacious format. Up front, with the map, two lists of characters separate historical from fictional people. At the back of each book a picture glossary defines the few medieval terms.

                 Although presented entirely through Albin's eyes, these stories follow the career of Lord Anthony Woodville. Sir Anthony, the jouster, is a historical lord who became a POW five times as he maneuvered —with honor—through that maze of treachery we call the Wars of the Roses. Fiction follows history in these high-low novellas where everyone with a title truly lived. Readers can visit 15th century England and see the aristocracy 'from below.' They can even take away a grasp of a confusing period in English history.


              Generally, historical events in the book are the ones that would, in our century, make the evening news. Some of the activities of Albin and the other fictional characters must have been done by somebody. The unknown person might have used quite a different method from what Albin uses.


               To dig further into the history, see my bibliography under 'recommended reading.'






Looking for something to intrigue teens and adults who are dyslexic  or English language learners? People assaulting the huge, inconsistent English language have a right to diverse, age appropriate, reading matter. Here is another option for them.

 A find for anyone interested in visiting the 15th century, this series is being written especially for struggling readers.

As much as possible, the tales are told in phonetically dependable words. The short sentences avoid dependent clauses and passive voice. These novellas also stick with a single point of view and never confuse matters with flashbacks. The results 'weigh in' at a third grade reading level.

These easy reads can build confidence while telling a tale of success through honesty, depend­ability, and conscientious effort. Albin Hayward, the fictional view-point character, first appears as a barefoot, teenaged peasant.  Book by book, in spite of an irreperable injury, he wins his way into an honored career as a herald.   

The first ten books are available through Amazon (print on demand) and on Kindle. The presentation of each book under 'list of works' connects straight to Amazon.




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