Welcome to lilarhodes.com, The official website of Author Lila Rhodes.
Welcome to lilarhodes.com,The official website of Author Lila Rhodes.


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    Albin and the Jouster, a series of historical novels.


See Brian Ladlee's beautiful covers.






For the cover of Woodvilles Advancing, I envisioned Daphne showing Albin a griffin they were making for a play. It would be nice, but clearly amateur work. When I saw  Brian's sketch, it was a real griffin—except for the ring to suspend it by.

It occurred to me that Brian's sketch doesn't tell me how big the griffin is. I phoned.


We talked about what would indicate size. The next thing I knew, Brian was researching on line. He was preparing to fill the room in his picture with all kinds of medieval gear. It's going to take longer, but he will learn some medieval things. Better, he was already having fun.






Currently (September 1468), Sir Anthony Wydeville, Lord Scales, is cruising the English channel watching for enemies. He set Albin, my fictional hero, ashore with a report for King Edward. Albin has no arranged place to rejoin his lord, and the fleet. So he is guiding Elizabeth, Lady Scales, on a tour of her property.

I am not sure I can get her home to Middleton (near King's Lynn in Norfolk) by Michaelmas.  I have names for four other manors inherited from her father, Sir Thomas, Lord Scales. The spotlight quickly goes to Sandringham since it is now celebrity place. But in the 15th century, there was a manor and village of so little note that Wikipedia knows nothing about it.

Something else Wikipedia doesn't know is when or where Lady Scales's mother died. She could have inherited it from her husband. 'Tis easy to imagine her spending her last years enjoying the natural beauties of Sandringham.



It is almost as good as a vacation to study the geography and history of the Isle of Wight. That is the next stop in volume 10. In fact, Albin just landed at Cowes.

Meanwhile, Woodvilles Advancing  (volume 9) is ready for a cover.  We have to save the jousting for the great tournament in volume 10: Velvet, Fur, and Cold Steel.



Here you will find free short stories to hold you over between my new book releases.



Here is a flat-out fiction starting in 1427:

A ragged waif was picked up, at age eight, by Lord Scales's men in France. He proved to be the illegitimate son of one of them.  Even as a page, his talent for organizing began to appear. Richard Wydeville, Esq. took an interest in the boy and started teaching him things—which was easy.

A leader among the squires by age eleven, Robert's ambition caught the attention of Thomas, Lord Scales. He began to employ Robert's talent for organizing. That is what he was still doing in 1465 for a different Lord Scales, Anthony Wydeville.

 Anthony was little more than a toddler when he met Robert. Anthony was learning to ride. He was allowed to leave the manor with Robert now a twenty-something squire. Later, they were both taking jousting lessons from Anthony's father, Richard Wydeville, now Lord Rivers.

Robert went back to Thomas, Lord Scales and often served him at Babington. He continued at Babington where he had a wife and children. By 1460 he governed it. Anthony married the heiress of Thomas Lord Scales and Robert sort of came with Babington.  Robert had an informal way with Lord Anthony because he had met him as a toddler. Anthony was used to this as well.

After that, this fiction smashes into the story of the historical Sir Louis de Bretaillez—who was never a waif. He is known to history as a jouster and as an event planner.

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