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A Winter Bride

Albin and the Jouster volume 7


Didn't Brian Ladlee give it a great cover!


Edward IV revealed that he had married more than four months earlier. People were shocked! This was no foreign princess. (It has been said that Isabella of Castile never quite forgave Edward for turning her down and marrying some nobody.) The new queen's father was not even a baron when she was born.

On the other hand, this widow of a mere knight, had half a dozen single sisters. What an opportunity for politics by marriage!

A Winter Bride includes one such marriage and announces three others. But what connection does that woman on the cover have to all of it? She is the grandmother of the Duke of Norfolk and older than the new queen's mother. Albin spends this book learning about the old duchess and what she is up to.



Meeting a Veteran

Albin saw the ferry crossing the Great Ouse. It was going away from him. Albin sighed. I am likely to wait half an hour for the ferry. He looked around for something to explore.

A man with a long, white beard peered at him from under bushy, white eyebrows. He motioned Albin to join him on a bench.

“Were you ever in battle?” the man asked.

“Yes,” Albin said. “I was at the Palm Sunday field. Now I have but one good arm.” He stroked it a bit.

The man looked at him intently. “Were you an archer?”










I have seen Anthony Wydeville—or, at least, Brian Ladlee's portrait of the man. He looks very earnest. The scene is lighted only by one modest-sized candle because Brian is a fan of Caravaggio.  


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