Welcome to the official website of Author Lila Rhodes.
Welcome to the official website of Author Lila Rhodes.


The magical process of learning to read has always fascinated Lila. This led her into teaching second grade and later into learning how to teach a special program for alleviating dyslexia. Recently, she has been tutoring English language learners. For readers struggling with the anarchy of the English language, she has been researching and drafting a series of easy-to-read historical novellas. Challenged readers, she believes, deserve a chance to explore different times and places.


Lila's mother, a born teacher, provided her with a 'second schooling' in English history and medieval lore. Not surprisingly, Lila fell for a 15th century warrior/jouster, Anthony Wydeville. Research for the novellas, that follow him through the Wars of the Roses, led her to an exploration in England in spring 2012. Having shared some tips in How\not/to Visit 15th Century England, (available from Amazon & Kindle), she is returning to her series of novellas with more information and new insight.


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